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I was born in Montreal in 1964 and moved to Nova Scotia with my family at age six. Growing up by the ocean near Peggy's Cove, I was inspired to try to capture the beauty of the area. Basically self-taught, I was influenced by my artistic mother and began painting in 1984, developing a distinctive watercolour style of strong, vivid, colourful images combined with the soft, foggy scenes that are typical of the area.I would like to introduce you to my two gallery locations. To view them you can click on the Galleries link above or the two gallery links below.

Albert's Wharf Gallery is short drive from Peggy's Cove in French Village, Nova Scotia. It is here, on the wharf surrounded by the sea and sky, that I do most of my painting.Neil Depew Watercolour Gallery is located at world famous Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia. Here, with panoramic views of Peggy's Lighthouse and the Atlantic Ocean, I greet visitors from all over the world.

Both Galleries are open most days during the tourist season from May to the end of October or by appointment in the off-season. I spend time at both locations where I enjoy meeting customers, signing andpersonalizing my work.By clicking on Watercolours I will introduce you to my collection of Prints and Limited Edition Prints available for viewing and Ordering.

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