Welcome to my collection of Watercolour prints.

By clicking the links to the left you will be taken to a corresponding display of my prints. By clicking on an image, the image will be enlarged and you will get a detailed description of each print. All print measurements indicated, for example 8 X 10, 11 X 14, 20 X 27 etc., are the frame sizes required for the matted version of my prints.


I offer the following 5x7 prints in single mat only. Once you have enlarged the image, at the bottom of the page you will see a link to view it [Matted].

The lovely colour of these "weeds" that grow along the rocky Nova Scotian coast line contrast the gray mist on the water.

Item: #1
Lone GullLone Gull

A single seagull rests on his perch waiting for scraps from a fishing boat that is just off shore hualing their daily catch.

Item: #2