Welcome to my collection of Watercolour prints.

By clicking the links to the left you will be taken to a corresponding display of my prints. By clicking on an image, the image will be enlarged and you will get a detailed description of each print. All print measurements indicated, for example 8 X 10, 11 X 14, 20 X 27 etc., are the frame sizes required for the matted version of my prints.


I offer the following 8x10 prints either double matted or framed. Once you have enlarged the image, at the bottom of the page you will see a link to view it either [Matted] or [Framed]. Click on your desired option.
PeggyPeggy's Lighthouse

The Peggy's Cove Lighthouse is the most photographed lighthouse in North America. This print speaks of the movement and energy that the ocean crashing against the rocks embodies.

Item: #3
Sunny PeggySunny Peggy's Cove

The vivid colour in this scene embodies both the vitality of the cove as well as Depew's distinct style as a watercolourist. His use of bright, rich, colour and light is unparalleled in the water colour medium.

Item: #4
West DoverWest Dover

The water sparkles looking into the sun in the quaint little fishing village of West Dover, Nova Scotia.

Item: #5
Sunset at PeggySunset at Peggy's Lighthouse

Evening wave action as the sunset begins to disappear behind the huge granite rocks.

Item: #6
Mahone BayMahone Bay

The famous three churches, side by side, in the colourful Nova Scotia autumn.

Item: #7
Foggy PeggyFoggy Peggy's Cove

Three herring gulls search for food on a quiet foggy morning in Peggy’s Cove.

Item: #8
Blue Rocks MorningBlue Rocks Morning

A yellow Cape Islander and a Lunenburg dory rest in the village of Blue Rocks on Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

Item: #9
Two GullsTwo Gulls

This scene, in Indian Harbour, features a detailed foreground capturing the serenity of two seagulls, contrasted against the mystery of the thick maritime fog. The unity of these gulls makes this print a popular wedding gift.

Item: #10
Bluenose at Historic PropertiesBluenose at Historic Properties

The famous racing schooner, based out of Lunenburg, featured on the Canadian ten cent coin. Historic Properties, on the Halifax waterfront, is a popular spot for tourists who wish to experience the tradition of Nova Scotia.

Item: #11
Foggy Blue RocksFoggy Blue Rocks

Near the historic town of Lunenburg, Blue Rocks is a tiny fishing village that is popular with marine artists because of it's picturesque setting.

Item: #12
Gulls PlayingGulls Playing

Notice the movement captured in this painting of seagulls frolicking in the surf. The viewer is led to imagine the fluttering of the gull's wings as it moves in the water.

Item: #13
PeggyPeggy's Cove Winter

One can almost hear the churchbells chiming across the crisp air on this sunny winter morning. Note the detail of the snow melting on the wharf and the shadows that fall across the snow.

Item: #14
Morning at PeggyMorning at Peggy's Lighthouse

The early morning sunlight reflects off the rocks and the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove.

Item: #15
Mackerel FishermenMackerel Fishermen

The end of a hard fishing day results in a bountiful catch.

Item: #16
Bluenose at LunenburgBluenose at Lunenburg

With historic Lunenburg in the background, the slight breeze fills the sails of the famous schooner, Bluenose.

Item: #31
Morning MistMorning Mist

A blanket of mist hangs over calm waters as another day begins at Peggy's Cove

Item: #35
Lupins on shoreLupins on shore

Lupins on shore

Item: #38
Mahone BayMahone Bay

Mahone Bay

Item: #39
Foggy LighthouseFoggy Lighthouse

Coastal fog and mist settle in at Peggy's Cove.

Item: #42
Blue RocksBlue Rocks

A Lunenburg dory rests on the seaweed at low tide.

Item: #43