Welcome to my collection of Watercolour prints.

By clicking the links to the left you will be taken to a corresponding display of my prints. By clicking on an image, the image will be enlarged and you will get a detailed description of each print. All print measurements indicated, for example 8 X 10, 11 X 14, 20 X 27 etc., are the frame sizes required for the matted version of my prints.

Limited Editions

I offer the following Limited Editions. Each print comes personally signed and uniquely numbered. They are available either flat (just the print) or framed. Once you have enlarged the image, at the bottom of the page you will see a link to view it either [Flat] or [Framed]. Click on your desired option.
Foggy HarbourFoggy Harbour

A typical foggy fishing village in Nova Scotia

Item: #22
West DoverWest Dover

The early morning mist burning off at West Dover, Nova Scotia.

Item: #23
HackettHackett's Cove

The sun creates sparkling waters on this quiet sheltered cove.

Item: #24
PeggyPeggy's Cove

The red cape islander named "Reverence" returns home to Peggy's Cove with a full load of fish.

Item: #25

The water sparkles with light in my home town of Seabright in St. Margaret’s Bay.

Item: #26
Rugged CoastlineRugged Coastline

Only small trees and shrubs can grow on this rugged coastline near Peggy’s Cove. A fisherman’s workday is sometimes interrupted when venturing on the Atlantic is too dangerous.

Item: #27
PeggyPeggy's Cove Morning

The sun breaks through as a passing storm begins to clear in the early morning.

Item: #28
PeggyPeggy's Lighthouse

When ocean swells meet the huge granite rocks, the movement can be mesmerizing for those lucky enough to witness.

Item: #29
PeggyPeggy's Cove Evening

The glow of the evening sun is slowly obscured as the fog rolls into Peggyʼs Cove

Item: #30
Safe HarbourSafe Harbour

Fisherman repair their nets at Peggy's Cove

Item: #32
Lobster FishermanLobster Fisherman

You can almost feel the ocean swell as fishermen check lobster pots off the Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

Item: #33
Fog on the CoveFog on the Cove

Fog on the Cove

Item: #36
Shimmering LightShimmering Light

Shimmering Light

Item: #37
Bright Sunny CoveBright Sunny Cove

Ripples and reflections on the cove on a clear day. I've left the name off the red boat so I can put whatever the buyer wants there.

Item: #40
Crashing WavesCrashing Waves

The movement of the waves and gulls are evident on this windy Peggy's Cove morning.

Item: #41